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Getting quality Florida auto insurance protection can be challenging. Who do you trust to give you the right advice, proper protection and will be there looking out for you when you have an accident or claim?

You need an independent agent that can shop the marketplace for you; giving you the auto insurance coverage you need at the most competitive price.

Picture this scene… You're driving your car. You lose concentration and go through an intersection, not seeing that the light has turned red. It could happen to anybody. Unfortunately, as you go through the intersection, you hit another car that is proceeding across your path because the light for this vehicle is green.

You broadside the other car. A couple of days later, you find out that the driver (in his 30’s) who has been seriously hurt and won’t be working for a long time – if ever, is a manager of a store and makes eighty thousands of dollars a year. His wife was the passenger and is also hurt and still in the hospital, you discover that she will be OK but it’s going to take a couple of months of rehab.

You also discover that they have two kids that were not in the car – great news. But who’s going to get them to school, cook dinner, clean the house, this families new reality is bleak.

The family has suffered an economic loss and will probably endure pain and suffering because of their injuries, they sue you.

How much can they get from you? Everything you have!

So you’re getting sued but you don’t have a problem you have auto insurance, they’ll pay the damages. And they will, all the way up to the policy limits.

Bad News… Very Bad News

You get a letter from your car insurance company. You are shocked when you learn that the insurance company already paid the full limits of bodily injury liability and recommend you hire an attorney to settle the balance of the damages you caused. Your life has completely taken a turn for the worse and it happened in just one split second.

You can’t imagine how much it’s going to cost. The driver spent over two weeks in the hospital, had multiple surgeries on their neck and back and may experience pain for the rest of her life. How much are you going to have to pay for this?

You become angry. “Why didn’t my car insurance policy pay for all of this?” You never looked at your insurance policy. You didn’t know that you had such low limits.

Will Your Car Insurance Policy Protect You If You Caused a Serious Accident Like This?

A thorough periodic protection review will determine if your coverage will be there when you have a claim. After all, that’s why we buy insurance right? Doesn’t it make sense to have the right protection for you when something bad happens?

Our team is here to help you accomplish this. Call our office at 778-5555 or 888-249-1849 today and we’ll be glad to give you a free 48 point protection review and help you get the right protection specifically for your needs. Plus, we may even be able to find some ways to save you some money!