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Umbrella Insurance

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Need an Umbrella Policy

Florida Umbrella insurance policies are not just for the rich. In fact, umbrella policies are very inexpensive for the protection they provide.

Consider the following two scenarios:

  • You’re involved in, and found at fault in an automobile accident. The person in the other car is seriously injured and will be out of work for awhile and has tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages or worse the crash resulted in death. The limits on your auto insurance policy will most likely be exhausted very fast, leaving you on the hook for the rest. The courts can seize your assets and force you to pay a percentage of your income for years. This can be devastating.
  • Or let’s say your dog gets out of the house and runs into a nearby jogger. The jogger falls and injures himself. He’s not an animal lover and sues for an amount over your homeowner’s insurance liability limit.

The question is, what will you do if a judgment is leveled against you for an amount that is over your policy limits?

The answer is…

Umbrella Protection to the Rescue!

Umbrella protection kicks in to cover expenses that are beyond the limits covered by your other insurance policies. Usually, an umbrella will cover all of the following situations:

  • Legal fees and expenses
  • Situations when you or a member of your household (including a pet) cause personal injury, bodily injury or property damage to another
  • If you’re the recipient of a liability judgment that exceeds the limits on your auto insurance and homeowner insurance policy, the umbrella policy limit will be activated

You might be surprised at how affordable umbrella coverage is for the amount of protection you receive..

A thorough periodic protection review will determine if your coverage will be there when you have a claim. After all, that’s why we buy insurance right? Doesn’t it make sense to have the right protection for you when something bad happens?

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