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You’ve worked hard for your home and it’s probably your biggest investment. Doesn’t it make sense to protect it properly with the right Florida Homeowners Insurance?

All homeowners policies are not created equal. There are special limits of coverage, exclusions and endorsements that separate good homeowners insurance from bad homeowners insurance. Discussing your specific needs with an agency that has insured thousands of Florida homes and has satisfactorily settled hundreds and hundreds of Florida homeowners insurance claims. Our protection team can help you determine how you should be protected plus find ways to help you save money at the same time.

Will Your Current Florida Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover You When Something Bad Happens?

Everybody has different needs and a standard Florida homeowners insurance policy will not cover everyone for everything. Here are a few pitfalls that are often not covered unless addressed in a standard homeowners insurance policy.

  • Personal property used for business
  • Structures on your property used for business
  • Damage from water and sewer backup
  • Flood
  • Screened Enclosures
  • Valuable items
  • And More!

What if this happened to you?

Imagine another thunderstorm rolling though – Florida is the lightning capital of the world. That beautiful oak tree next to your house takes a hit and lands right on top of your roof. No one is hurt and your homeowners insurance company quickly pays for the structural damage, but, when you go to replace the TV, entertainment center and computer damaged in the accident, you discover only the actual cash value will be paid out for those items. Not replacement value. This means you’ll receive what they’re worth today ( i.e. depreciated value), not what it will cost to replace them. So that 60” LED TV you paid $2500 two years ago may only be worth a $750 today versus a brand new replacement that costs $2000. Which would you want the insurance company to pay?

The emotional strain of a disaster is tough enough. Don’t be caught without home insurance if a disaster strikes. Know what your policy covers. Make sure you understand it. Review your policy at least yearly to make sure it matches the appropriate protection with your changing needs.

So, what pitfalls are hidden in your current homeowners insurance policy?

A thorough periodic protection review will determine if your coverage will be there when you have a claim. After all, that’s why we buy insurance right? Doesn’t it make sense to have the right protection for you when something bad happens?

Our team is here to help you accomplish this. Call our office at 778-5555 or 888-249-1849 today and we’ll be glad to give you a free 48 point protection review and help you get the right protection specifically for your needs. Plus, we may even be able to find some ways to save you some money!